So, I think we all saw this coming. Yesterday EA finally announced Generations. Not really a super secret surprise, but that's what you get when all the trailers are leaked, I guess. There is only a few things I'm really interested in for this EP:

  • Are we getting a new type of death or life state?
  • Are we getting a new neighborhood?
  • Is this expansion really any good?

Personally, I think we should have just got --insert pets expansion name here--. This EP looks boring, to be honest. The page lists the theme as "Living every age to the fullest", which seems to be something most players do anyway with their sims. So, what do you think? Is Generations really that good? Or would have it been better if we got the pets expansion. I don't know... (cough...pets...cough).

I'll get it anyway, because I don't want to have no idea what people are saying here. And I... errr... sort of want it. Nothing else to buy, I guess.

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--WH (Talk)