Monthly Question - January 2015
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Hello there, and welcome to the The Sims Wiki Monthly Question blog, the first one for this year! Every month we'll be posting an opinion based question on The Sims series, and we want to hear your thoughts. Give us your opinions, ideas, complaints, or whatever else is on your mind, related to the question asked.

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This month's Question
How do you play The Sims? What's your style of gameplay? What feature do you play and enjoy the most? What has kept you playing The Sims until now?

Thank you to Joey.eyeball for providing this month's question. If you have any ideas for future questions, please leave them here.

Last month's Question

Last month we asked the community What mod do you think you can't live without in the respective series? If you don't play with mods, why?. Below are the top responses:

Woganhemlock - 3 PlumbBobs

I've never played any of the Sims games with mods, which probably stems from a couple of things. I've always played the games in the state they've been released in barring a couple of pieces of custom content. This isn't really a preference either way and probably can be traced back to me being extremely lazy. I don't really make a secret of the fact that I barely play the Sims anymore, with the last time being in June or something. If I do get back into it I can say that I would definitely want to use some sort of mod like Overwatch since TS3 is extremely badly executed and glitchy. Mods that affect gameplay and appearance aren't something I ever have used since I always like to keep the game as "normal" as possible, and instead I prefer to just use stuff to fix developer incompetence.

ThePeculiarMe - 1 PlumbBob

The DebugEnabler is what I loved the most. Even though it's the cause of having a bug on my PC, it deals my Sims to have a faster leveling of skills and have changing their life stages, hoping that they're not in the afterlife.

Auror Andrachome - 1 PlumbBob

ACR for The Sims 2 Series - An absolute must have!

Nikel23 - 1 PlumbBob

I love mods and modding more than the game itself. Mods expand the possibilities of things to occur in the game. When I install mods, I think like, "if I install this, how will it possibly affect the game? I can't wait to see it work in my game!" It's the possibilities that make me interested in the mods, not what they do to the game. To be honest, I spend more time looking for mods and installing them than playing the game... Most of the times I don't even play the game afterwards.

ђ talk 23:42, January 3, 2015 (UTC)

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