Monthly Question - May 2015
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Hello again and welcome once again to this month's (late) Monthly Question! Each month we'll be posting an opinion based question on The Sims series, and we want to hear your thoughts. Give us your opinions, ideas, complaints, or whatever else is on your mind, in relation to the question we'll ask everyone.

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This month's Question is
We've seen celebrity endorsed in the Sims series, be it through in-game music, cameos (Superstar) or even Stuff Packs (Sweet Treats). Would you like to see more? Why or why not?

Thank you to Guguy00 for providing this month's question. As always if you have a suggestion for a future question, please leave them here.

Last month's Question

Last month we asked the community Which is the expansion for every Sims game you enjoy the most? Would you like to see it in The Sims 4?. Below are the top responses:

Auror Andrachome - 3 PlumbBobs

Seasons - I'll always enjoy a Seasons expansion pack.

Woganhemlock - 2 PlumbBobs

*TS1: Makin' Magic - Makin' Magic was the very first EP I ever played, and as such it holds a special place, but it stands out to me as the best EP. The addition of basic versions of crafting, collecting, and gardening in addition with the fairly in-depth magic system makes it my favourite, especially compared to the load of nothing some other EPs added in comparison.

  • TS2: Open for Business - OfB is such a unique concept that is one of TS2's draws to me. While a little tricky at first, businesses become rewarding and addictive once you get the hang of it.
  • TS3: Supernatural - I haven't played all the TS3 EPs but Supernatural is my favourite. Perhaps its the similarities to Makin' Magic that make me like it, but I like the crafting options, interesting life states, and fairly well designed neighborhood.

I don't really care about seeing these in TS4 since I don't own the game, and it's only a matter of time before something similar is added (we've already got a OfB-like system with Get to Work).

Imasexysimlover - 1 PlumbBob

Superstar / Nightlife / Late Night are the BEST ones ever! I'd be really thrilled if I saw a nightlife / celebrity themed expansion pack for TS4. Nightlife and Late Night are the very first expansions I got for TS2, TS3. While Superstar came with the complete collection XD I enjoyed them GREATLY  :)

Thatkitten - 1 PlumbBob

I'd like Generations (I'd buy it if it AT LEAST introduces toddlers!), University Life and Seasons. I'd like Supernatural if it didn't have those goddarn zombies eating your gardens! >.>

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