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This post is designed to give you all a heads-up on a policy which I feel is very important to the wiki - the newly introduced image and file policy which has been passed due to an overwhelming support of 20-0 in only three days. Before I write a little about what it means for you, I'd like to thank LostInRiverview for his work in writing the policy and getting people to vote, its much appreciated, especially by people such as myself who have wanted such a policy to come into effect for a long time.

In a nutshell, the policy is this

  • Make sure to license and categorise your images which you upload to the wiki.
  • Make sure to limit files you upload for other purposes; generally a couple for your userpage and possibly signature such as I do are fine, but TSW isn't an image hosting site - don't upload the entirety of your 2004 Vacation to the Vatican just because you can.
  • Make sure to give detailed filenames - File:Walruses_playing_Minecraft.png is good, something like File:3ddf23fg2f7235ig32.png is not.
  • Once you upload a file, use it somewhere. If it is not used, its gonna be canned.

In regards to violations of the policy, first offences will be given a warning. Repeated offences may lead to formal warnings, editing restrictions, and in severe cases after several warnings, possible blocks. As well as this, after the first instances admins may decide to delete images uploaded which do not conform to policy. Obviously the admin team doesn't wish to resort to such measures, but if it is needed it may be the case.

The entirety of the policy can be viewed here.

Questions/Issues with the policy? Wondering how/if it will affect you? Leave a comment below!

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