As of late, there have been several changes to the wiki staff members as well as some community discussions. Here's a quick roundup of them:

Bleeh Nominated for Bureaucrat

Bleeh (talk · contribs · editcount · block · modify rights · logs · block log) has been nominated for a Bureaucrat position, and voting on whether she will gain the rights is currently ongoing here. Be sure to read voting requirements before you cast your vote. The vote will close in }.

Staffing Changes

In the last two weeks we have had several major staffing changes. LostInRiverview has officially retired, forfeiting his bureaucrat and administrator flags. As a result of this, we have an empty bureaucrat position which needs to be filled - voting on whether Bleeh will take LiR's place is currently happening at the RfB page.

On top of this, we have welcomed three new and one returning users into the administrator team. Wir.wiryawan, Nikel23 and Andronikos Leventis were all promoted to the rank of administrator following the removal of several inactive administrators. As well as this, DarthCookie has managed to sort out her internet connection issues and has returned to TSW and to her administrator duties.

This flurry of new administrators has led to requests for adminship to be closed, however it will be open again at a later date. If you didn't get in a request, be sure to put one in next time!

Current Community Discussions

At the Community Portal talk page, there is currently discussions ongoing:

CUotM reminder

This month's User blog:Woganhemlock/Cleanup of the Month - September 2011 is currently progressing nicely. We are aiming to clean out Special:UnusedFiles, so if you think you can find a home for an image, please do so! Otherwise, tag it for deletion.

Ciao! ђ talk 08:27, September 17, 2011 (UTC)