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Week of November 17, 2014

Good evening readers, it's time for The Sims Wiki News, the only Sims news delivered late more often than on time. With that, let's get to it!

The Sims news

Very little to report this week, however here it is:

Maxis reportedly working on new Sims title

An advertisement released by Maxis states that they are seeking a new designer to work on what is being billed as a "brand new Sims title". It's highly likely that this is an expansion pack or some similar TS4 add-on but with the vague description it could be anything.

TS4 at low prices!

Due to the upcoming Black Friday sales, numerous retailers have listed TS4 for a discount. Walmart is selling the game for $35, with Meijer being stated to sell the game for $30. To all US fans who have been considering getting the game this might be your chance as prices like this don't come along often!

Reminder - Update

As reported last week, another TS4 update is set to be released next month which supposedly contains two new careers. Stay tuned for further details, both here and from an official source.

The Sims Wiki news

Discussions to comment on

Much like every time I write this, there is a number of discussions going on. And, much like always, we always want your input! At the moment:

A full list can be seen here. If there's something you wish to discuss please make a thread if you so wish, any discussion in regards to the wiki is welcome!

Monthly Question

There's still two weeks left of this month, so go have a look at this week's monthly question and give us your thoughts.

TSW turns 10 years old?!

According to a recent community central blog, The Sims Wiki is celebrating its 10th birthday this month. However, the founding dates of old wikis are often impossible to find and outdate the server logs. Nevertheless, happy 10th birthday TSW, and thank you to all the contributors who have helped over the last 10 years.

Help out!

There is several things that you can do to help! If you're interested in writing the news, sign up to write an edition, provided you meet the requirements. Additionally, TSW's weekly-ish fanon newsletter The Sim's Pen is also seeking writers as of a few days ago, so if you're up for it feel free to sign up. Finally, as always, the various rights requests and special positions are available to apply for if you meet the requirements, so if you're looking to get more involved you may want to check these out.

That's it, all done! Leave any issues in the comments or on my talkpage and I'll fix them up. Until next time, see ya!

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