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Week of January 18th, 2015

Greetings, friend! Do you wish to look as happy as me? Well, you've got the power inside you right now. So, use it, and read this issue of The Sims Wiki's weekly news!

The Sims news

Release of Outdoor Retreat

One of a couple of things of note that have happened this week is the release of The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat. Outdoor Retreat is the first "game pack" which has been released for The Sims 4. You can read more about it here. It's downloadable from Origin and a few other sources for around $20, depending on your location. As with all new games, you're welcome to add information about it to the wiki to help us get our articles up to date.

Patch 10 released

On the same day as the release of Outdoor Retreat a patch was released for The Sims 4. This patch updates TS4 to version It doesn't add anything new in the way of gameplay, and instead adds a bunch of tweaks to the game. Among other things it alters sim fertility levels in response to a fairly large amount of triplets, fixes issues caused with loading games after installing a prior patch, and some other things. As always, we've got the patch notes released by EA, read more here.

TS4 Mac release

The Sims 4 is confirmed to release for Mac computers in February in response to a tweet made by a developer. Other information such as the specific date remains unknown at this point in time. Expect to read more on this matter in upcoming blogs as more information is found out.

The Sims Wiki news

New skin being developed by Wikia

Wikia is developing a new skin that is likely going to be rolled out over all wikis. Some of the changes include the elimination of the right rail, content space varying depending on screen width, a slightly bigger font size, advertisements embedded in the content, and an increase in what can only be referred to as "useless whitespace". We've got a blog about it here if you want to find out more. In addition, check out the Tardis Data Core and American Horror Story Wiki if you want to see the skin in action, and also the staff blog which explains the skin in more detail than I have. Finally, check out this discussion thread for a discussion in regards to the new skin and how we should approach it.

Forum discussions

Forum discussions that are ongoing. Comment on them or start your own. Any and all input is valued.

The whole list is here.

Monthly Question

This month's question is: How do you play The Sims? What's your style of gameplay? What feature do you play and enjoy the most? What has kept you playing The Sims until now? Leave your thoughts here and join in the discussion. This was most definitely not copypasted from last time.

Want to help?

People who want to help out on TSW are always welcomed. We're always looking for people to write the weekly news blogs, so sign up if you want to publish an issue or act as a backup writer. In addition user rights applications are open as always. Don't hesitate to put in a nomination of some sort if you believe it is a good idea.

Message from the author

That is just about everything of note that has been happening in the last week. As always, thank you for reading! I'll see you all next time. Peace!

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