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What up peeps, its time for yet another fun filled edition of The Sims Wiki news with the generic newspaper dog image thing
Dog newspaper TS3

The Sims News

This week has been fairly lively, like last week, in the world of The Sims.

  • Another live broadcast is coming up at 10AM PST which is like in two hours or so - tweet @TheSims3 with the hashtag #TheSims3LB and you just may get your question answered.
  • LGR Plays - The Sims 2: University.
  • PS4 was announced so its safe to expect a The Sims game for it eventually, likely TS4.
  • God tier trolling by EA - all games to feature microtransactions (if you're wondering that's stuff like the ts3 store being accessible ingame, being able to buy in game money with real money in some games, etc.)

Wiki News

Absolutely nothing of interest as usual

And that is all for this week as we kick off the third month of 2013. Just as a closing note I'd recommend you go and download Task Manager World, a stunning world for The Sims 3 Lost Labyrinth reviewed last week. I cannot over recommend it and it will give you hours of fun loljk its poor

I'm out, later.

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