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Week of February 22nd, 2015

Hi and once again welcome to TSW's weekly news blog. I'll get straight into it.

The Sims news

Get to Work news posts

Following the announcement of The Sims 4: Get to Work, the first expansion pack for The Sims 4 a couple of weeks ago, EA has released a bit of information in regards to this EP. Specifically this week they were focusing on the doctor career which has been added. Check this official site post for a run-down of some of the gameplay, and this new trailer, also released this week, and also showing the doctor gameplay and giving you an idea of what to expect from this EP.

TS4 for Mac, and first patch release

The Sims 4 was released for those of you using a Mac earlier this week, and, in addition, a patch was released. Read more about it here, thanks to simsVIP for posting this news. From what I've read on Twitter and other various places it appears that the port is a fairly well done one, something which I'm sure many people are happy about.

The Sims Wiki news

Forum discussions

A very dead (and by dead I mean no edits made whatsoever) on the discussion front. Feel free to weigh in or bring up a topic of your own.

The whole list is here.

Monthly Question

On the other side of things I'm happy to see the activity this month's monthly question has gathered. That question is: What are some of the most "uncharacteristic" things you've noticed your Sims do in terms of their behaviour? Things that are below the standards of the behaviour of humans. Check the blog out here and post your thoughts.

A successful nomination!

Congratulations to WikiBuilder1147, aka TheTimMan, for a successful request for adminship. I, for one, am very happy to welcome him to the TSW admin team and I'm certain he'll do a good job.

Want to help?

Going on from the last point, TSW is run by the contributors and we're always on the lookout for new users to step up. Go here if you're interested in writing an issue of this news blog, or here for more information on the various positions we offer to users who have shown their dedication.

Message from the author

While this has been a fairly slow week its still possible I might have missed something, and, if so, leave a comment here or on my talk page and I'll clear it up as soon as I can. As always, thank you for reading, and I'll see you next time.

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