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Week of November 24, 2014

I may or may not have nearly forgot to write this post as I've been sinking several hours into the new Pokemon games. However, I remembered, and therefore, here we go!

The Sims news

If I told you stuff was happening in the Sims I'd be lying. That said:

TS4 at low prices!

I posted this last week, but its still relevent so I'll post it again: Walmart is selling TS4 for $35, with Meijer selling it for $30. If you're a US fan you might as well pick it up.

Reminder again - Update

As reported last week and the week before that, another TS4 update is set to be released next month which is reported to contain new careers. Stay tuned for more.

SimCity complete available on Origin

If you haven't picked up the latest questionable quality edition of the SimCity franchise, its being offered on Origin in the complete edition. SimCity: Complete Edition contains the base game and all available addons and is available for $40. Pick it up while it lasts.

The Sims Wiki news

Discussions to comment on

A dead week on the discussion forum, I've just copypasted this from last week since there has been basically no discussion taking place. Please give your input.

A full list can be seen here. You are welcome and in fact encouraged to participate and even make your own discussions if you see fit.

Monthly Question

There's still a week left of this month, so if you haven't go look at the monthly question and give us your thoughts.

TSW turns 10 years old!

Reposted from a late edit to last week's news: According to a recent community central blog, The Sims Wiki is celebrating its 10th birthday this month. However, the founding dates of old wikis are often impossible to find and outdate the server logs. Nevertheless, happy 10th birthday TSW, and thank you to all the contributors who have helped over the last 10 years.

Help out!

As always, you can help TSW! We're always looking for newsletter writers, so sign up if you want to try your hand at it. In addition, user rights applications are open as always, which is always something to consider.

Something left out, or something to add? Leave a comment or let me know on my talk page. That's all for now, have a good one. ђ talk 05:12, November 24, 2014 (UTC)

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