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Hi and sorry for the delay as no one seemed to want to write the news this week and I should have posted this like 2 days ago or something etc.

Anyway here's the news for this week:

The Sims news

  • The Sims 3: 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff was released this week; check out our release blog for more information.still should have been called decades stuff
  • Some new stuff from - this time its a 1920's themed clothing set that actually looks pretty neat. If you want to act like a 1920's gangster and run a speakeasy or something, this might be for you. Get it now for the low price of 1350 simpoints!
  • The closed beta for the new SimCity game started on the 25th, hopefully those who got in the beta are enjoying the game and aren't experiencing a plethora of glitches.

Community news

In the forums

lol the forums died again

And that's all for this week, here's hoping next week won't be late.

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