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Week of October 27, 2014

Hey all, it's time for the "weekly" news blog. I haven't written one of these in ages so this should be interesting, as there's a few things to get through.

The Sims news

Patch #6 for The Sims 4!

Released on the 21st of October, this patch updates TS4 to version 1.0.797.20. This patch mainly contains fixes to numerous bugs which were discovered. Read more about it here.

Reminder - Pools!

One of the most complained about features which were missing from the base game, pools are set to be added to TS4 in an update sometime in November. SimGuruGraham posted another image of the feature on Twitter. The pools do look nice, I will admit. On the topic of reminders, as stated before, new careers are supposedly being added in December although it doesnt look like these careers have been revealed yet.

The Sims Wiki news


As always, there is a bunch of discussions going on. All and any input is valued, so if you've got a moment please give your opinion! I'd really like to see some discussion, especially on some of these older topics, so they don't get ignored and we can reach a good conclusion. Also, if you've got something you'd like to bring up, don't hesitate to do so.

Social Media Representatives

Normally, the only people with access to TSW's various social media accounts are members of the administration team. However, if you're interested, the new position of social media representative could be worth considering! Applicants are expected to be trusted users who are active, especially in community and news related matters. Apply here if you're interested.

News Team

Interested in writing the news? Sign up! We're always looking for more people to help.

That's all for this week! Did I forget something or make a mistake? Let me know in the comments or my talk page. See you next time! ђ talk 00:21, October 27, 2014 (UTC)

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