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What up everyone, it's time for the news for this week. There's more than last week (thank god), so let's get to it!

The Sims News

TS3 Chickens
  • New store content available for purchase from the store. Country themed stuff, adds some chickens because its not like that should have gone with Pets which had the country themed neighborhood and its not like this is a blatant cashgrab... also have a picture of it.
  • Another live broadcast was announced. 16th of April, 10-11 PST. Be there or be square.
  • DLC for SimCity leaked, don't worry, its free (free stuff from ea lolwut its the apocalypse)
  • EA coaxes people into a snafu, announces fake EP. Still better than KPST lol

Wiki news

There's a couple of forums you should comment on... n-not that you have to or anything~

10/10 news blog would read again good job me


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