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Week of February 8th, 2015

There's a fair few things to cover this week. I'm also writing this late at night. I'll probably forget half the things I wanted to cover. Let's get to it.

The Sims news

First expansion pack for TS4 announced!

EA officially announced The Sims 4: Get to Work, the first of presumably many expansion packs for The Sims 4. This expansion pack looks to be a successor to both The Sims 2: Open for Business and, more recently, The Sims 3: Ambitions. Some notable additions are the re-addition of aliens, the addition of two new skills, baking and photography, a couple of new careers and the ability to run a business. You can read about it in more detail in both our article and on the official page on The prices look very similar to those of TS3 EP's and its set to be released in April 2015. As always, details will be reported as soon as possible, either on our social media accounts, in one of these blogs, or on the article itself which we'll try to keep up to date. Remember to cite any information you add for titles in development!

The Sims 15th anniversary

15 years ago this week, the very first Sims game was released for PC. The Sims has gone on to sell over 15 million copies worldwide, securing a place as one of the best selling PC games in history, spawning three sequels, numerous expansion packs, a hugely dedicated fanbase, and, of course, this site. Here's to another 15 years!

The Sims Wiki news

Anniversary and game giveaway!

Over the last week we've been holding a contest to celebrate both TSW's 10th anniversary and the 15th anniversary of The Sims series. Unfortunately entries are now closed, however if you have entered and won, check your talk page for further instructions on how to claim your prize. If you are one of the lucky winners please follow the instructions as soon as you are able as your prize may be given to another user if you take a long time to reply. Congratulations to the winners, and I'm pleased to see the good turnout we received.

Forum discussions

Please comment, the input of users like you helps to shape the future of the wiki.

The whole list is here.

Monthly Question

A new month, a new question! This month's question is: What are some of the most "uncharacteristic" things you've noticed your Sims do in terms of their behaviour? Things that are below the standards of the behaviour of humans. Leave your thoughts here and join in the discussion.

Congratulations to K6ka!

TSW administrator K6ka was promoted to bureaucrat this week after an overwhelming support to his nomination. Congratulations and thank you for all the work you've done for us!

Admin nomination

C.Syde65 has been nominated for an admin position. Discussion is being held here, so come along and post your opinion on this nomination.

Want to help?

The Sims Wiki is completely run by its contributors and we're always looking for people to step up and help out. You can help out in a number of ways other than just editing. How about trying your hand at writing a news blog? Or, if you're experienced enough and meet the requirements, throw your hat into the ring in a rights request!

Message from the author

Its been a big week, both in The Sims and on The Sims Wiki. I'd like to end this blog by thanking everyone who uses this site, both the administrators, the editors, and you, the reader. Without your support we would never have grown to the size we have managed to reach. As we celebrate these two milestones this week, its a good time to reflect on where we've came from and how we've got there. Thank you, to all of you! I'm certain everyone else feels the same way as well.

With that being said I think everything has been covered. Leave a comment if you have something to add, have feedback, or if I've missed something. Alternatively, leave a message on my talkpage. See ya!

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