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  • XoTulleMorXo

    New Editing System

    June 21, 2011 by XoTulleMorXo

    After reading a blog recently on Wikia, we have been given a system for editing. The reason I have made this blog is to get opinions on how everyone feels about this new add-on.

    The functions below:

    • The media features have been moved from the top toolbar to the right rail. Note: Unless you are on the main page, which has no right rail.
    • The feature list is expandable — you can see more or less depending on your needs.
    • We now have only one scrollbar on the page in the edit window.
    • Messages (such as warnings, notices, license text, etc.) have been updated and moved to more obvious and consistent locations. Note: We are still working on some tweaks to these.
    • We have removed the 'unlink' toolbar button — you can still undo a link by using the right-c…
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  • XoTulleMorXo


    June 19, 2011 by XoTulleMorXo

    I would like to apologize for my recent inactivity here, and on the IRC. I have been extremely busy with things and have had little time to contribute here, however, I'm going to make edits here and there everyday or so. My inactivity on the IRC is because of a bug, which I want to stay away from. Anyway, if you ever do want to talk to me about something that you would have wanted to ask me on the IRC, please ask me on my talk page. Thank you.



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  • XoTulleMorXo

    Wiki Staff Page

    April 30, 2011 by XoTulleMorXo

    It has come to my attention that this wiki lacks a staff page.

    What are staff pages?: Staff pages list the administrators and rollbacks of the wiki. It is helpful for new users in learning who is who on the wiki and what role they play. It may also give them encouragement to work hard on the wiki.

    I believe adding one would be a good idea, as most wikis have staff pages. It is also very professional to at least have one.

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  • XoTulleMorXo

    Important Matter.

    April 1, 2011 by XoTulleMorXo

    I'm sorry to say that I am quitting the wiki. It's sad to leave, but I'm just tired in a lot of things and I will miss all of you.

    April Fools. :P Just thought I'd get into the spirit.

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