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  • Xxgreenbunnyxx

    I'm retiring

    August 3, 2014 by Xxgreenbunnyxx

    I'm just not really active in the sims wiki anymore. I'm just too busy now, but I'm still going to go on every once in a while and I'll be most active on wiki chat.

    Feel free to contact me still, I may take a while though.

    I've been a member of the sims wiki since 2009 and I'll still be trying to help with my knowledge of sims bustin out and the urbz.

    Thanks to everyone for being so friendly.

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  • Xxgreenbunnyxx

    EA Giveaway!

    February 6, 2014 by Xxgreenbunnyxx

    EA are giving away Sims 3 townlife stuff here however it will be a digital download through origin.

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  • Xxgreenbunnyxx

    There's been talking about sims 4 since sims 3 came out and so here are my desires and what I think will sadly happen. I do rant quite a bit. Also If I get new ideas I'll be editing this.

    • NO LAG OR BUGS!- I've had to RELY on mods to make sure my game doesn't implode when I reach generation 2 at ELDER stage! I don't want the laggy memory system, I don't want SAVE GAME BLOATING, I want a game I can play without having another activity available at all times to get me through the LAG.
    • The ability to disable ANY feature.- For all EPs there are things we hate and things we love, what if you could disable it so you don't have to deal with it, such as paparazzi.

    • Server based game with Lagx1000 or a s..l..o..w motion game- We've seen sim city and th…

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  • Xxgreenbunnyxx

    Everyone knows about how Sims 3 is gaining extreme unpopularity due to many key factors. Here are the three I think have affected it most

    1. In-Game Advertising

    This Buggy "Feature" that shows you mostly useless stuff it Wastes computer space and slows the game down especially loading screens.

    2. Various Bugs and Glitches

    Simple they slow down the game and makes it stressful to play

    3. Celebrity Endorsing

    We all know about Katy Perry Sweet treats and I've seen it and though I'd if anything I simply wouldn't use it the hair styles are Ugly and it's also extra expensive!

    Here are 3 Mods I Truly Reccomend you use

    1. NRaas Overwatch

    It cleans your neighborhood and removes stuck Cars so overall speeds the game up

    2. …

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