There's been talking about sims 4 since sims 3 came out and so here are my desires and what I think will sadly happen. I do rant quite a bit. Also If I get new ideas I'll be editing this.

What I'd like

  • NO LAG OR BUGS!- I've had to RELY on mods to make sure my game doesn't implode when I reach generation 2 at ELDER stage! I don't want the laggy memory system, I don't want SAVE GAME BLOATING, I want a game I can play without having another activity available at all times to get me through the LAG.
  • The ability to disable ANY feature.- For all EPs there are things we hate and things we love, what if you could disable it so you don't have to deal with it, such as paparazzi.

What I sadly think will happen

  • Server based game with Lagx1000 or a s..l..o..w motion game- We've seen sim city and they've done a TERRIBLE job with servers, they've had to get rid of faster settings, imagine it for sims 4, F O O O S (Sim is S empty blocks are O and Fridge is F) Sim takes 5 real-life minutes just to get there, don't get me started about actually eating!
  • Overly realistic game- The only reason I play the sims is because of the supernatural aspects but if you remove that you have, Real-life! I don't have time to play a game of what I should be doing. And imagine just how much more creepy a self-sim would be, and you'd need a 9000.9 GhZ processor with 8 cores just to have only slight lag.
  • No Mod support- that's like locking a door to your computer and flushing it down the toilet, we can't do anything about all the lag we must either bear or just not play the game, I'd choose option 2 thank you EA.