Everyone knows about how Sims 3 is gaining extreme unpopularity due to many key factors. Here are the three I think have affected it most

1. In-Game Advertising

This Buggy "Feature" that shows you mostly useless stuff it Wastes computer space and slows the game down especially loading screens.

2. Various Bugs and Glitches

Simple they slow down the game and makes it stressful to play

3. Celebrity Endorsing

We all know about Katy Perry Sweet treats and I've seen it and though I'd if anything I simply wouldn't use it the hair styles are Ugly and it's also extra expensive!

Here are 3 Mods I Truly Reccomend you use

1. NRaas Overwatch

It cleans your neighborhood and removes stuck Cars so overall speeds the game up

2. NRaas Story Progression

It makes story progression not ruin your neighborhood over time and stops aging bugs.

3. NRaas Traveler

Stops the Travel bugs and allows you to travel to more than just the 3 places!

I also reccomend you turn off your Internet before you go on to lessen the Ad Spam

Thanks to this I have stopped myself from having to constantly change household to save that new baby and make loading less of a problem!

By the way this is my first blog since usually IE Crashes