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  • I live in ON, Kitchener
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • XzArandomZ

    little more info

    July 5, 2011 by XzArandomZ

    Ok now recently i have added generations to my game i have all the other stuff and expansion packs and i have noticed that with cheats you can now edit people in create a sim. Now i am wondering if you edit an elder is the hair colour accurate everytime. Because if this is real then we can reverse the elders age to see them in there youth. Or accelerate the younger peoples age.

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  • XzArandomZ

    I was thinking today i love sims alot and i was thinking this as a possibility. Sims 3 Up, Up, and Beyond. This expansion pack would revoulve around Alien's and there Home world. The most major edition is Alien the new life stage. Alien abductions would some times take the sims to either Mothership (Sub-Neighborhood) or Simix (Alien Homeworld/Neighborhood). Simix would be filled with cool Sci-fi Alien homes and of course alien families. Alien abductions would sometimes get males (and females) pregnant. If Unleashed is real then some Alien animals running around Simix. This is just a sample tell me what you think

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  • XzArandomZ

    Why i Love Sims

    February 9, 2011 by XzArandomZ

    I have loved the sims ever since the first day of there school when they came home and past out on the lawn. when the social bunny comes into the house i make them fight with him until he leaves. lighting fireworks inside the house on purpose to set it one fire. using the inventing skill to blow up my car and destroy my house just to make people panic. starting a group that destroy non eco friendly locations. making people fall in love and have children and grandchildren. building houses up high or underground to prevent people i dont like from visiting. setting traps to stop paparazzi. teaching toddlers how to walk talk and potty. making houses from scratch and repairing houses that are tiny and run down. there are so many reason why i lo…

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