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Zaffie September 7, 2010 User blog:Zaffie

Ok, so I was bored and playing the Goth Family in Pleasantview, and some things stuffed up...

Here's what happened.

With my Goth family, I made Cassandra and Don get married. They had a son, Fredericko. Then (by themselves, I might add) Cassandra and Darren Dreamer fell in love. I used a cheat to make them have a son, Danny. Meanwhile, Alexander died of old age (with another cheat) and I put his gravestone in the gravestone place. Then Fredericko became a toddler, and I used the same cheat to kill him of old age as well. Cassandra and Don had twin girls, called Cassie and Rose, then Cassandra and Daniel Pleasant had a son named Sammy. Then the social worker came, and took away Danny, Cassie, Rose and Sammy. While she was there, a notice popped up saying that Fredericko had died on another lot, and that his spirit would return to that lot.

Here are my questions/problems.

1. Alexander's ghost hasn't appeared yet. The whole point of killing him was to have a child ghost - does this work?

2. Why did it say Fredericko died on another lot if he didn't? Will I get his ghost on the Goth lot, or will I have to look everywhere for it?

Thanks for helping out guys!

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