Hallo, I am Zizzi44. I am a big fan of the Sims games, but one of my favourites is the Sims 2. I know a lots of cheats and rules to a succes game! Please read my other stories and message me for more! I am going to write a page about some cheats soon. But till then i am going to tell you a secret
about a secret society!

Sometimes you can see people who wear black costumes like this one in the picture (they can be man or woman). They can pass throught your yard, you can find them in markets, boutiques or clubs! If you want to become one of the Society members you need to meet three Society members and then you need to get them your enemies and then they will kidnap you and take you to a big black limousine! After five minutes your game will over and there will be a big big house (or as knowen' a palace or big as castle) will have a normal life in the house as you had before! But your mission will be to kidnap people and make them Society members!