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Vacation benefits are points that are awarded at the end of each vacation in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. Up to three vacation benefit points can be rewarded to Sims who have a good vacation. These points can be used on any of a variety of vacation benefits, and these benefits will usually last for a few days.

List of Vacation BenefitsEdit

Image Vacation Benefit Description Function
Carefree With this reward, your Sim will enjoy the benefit of an additional want slot! With this reward you will be carefree in no time.
Forgiving With this benefit, your Sim will be much harder to annoy. Any Sim that you were furious with will be forgiven and negative relationships will take longer to build.
Industrious With this benefit, your Sim will be a star at the work place! High job performance and, therefore, promotions will be much easier to achieve.
Je ne sais quoi Give your Sim that something extra special that other Sims will notice! Romantic pursuits should be easier with this benefit.
Productive With this reward, your Sim will want to spend less time slacking off after having such a good vacation. Their comfort, social, and fun needs will take much longer to decay!
Refreshed Everything is always easier when you get back from a great vacation! With this reward, your Sims will have a bonus gain in skill building and badge building activities. Also this Sim will be able to complete homework faster.

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