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Vampire (Late Night)

Vampires are social creatures of the night, introduced to The Sims 3 in The Sims 3: Late Night and expanded upon in The Sims 3: Supernatural. Vampires have a number of special traits and abilities which set them apart from normal Sims, and from the vampires of The Sims 2: Nightlife.

General characteristicsEdit

Late night vampire feeding from wrist

A vampire feeding from the wrist of a Sim.

Vampires of The Sims 3-era are based on a more modern interpretation of vampires, instead of the more classically-inspired vampires of The Sims 2.[1] They have a pale, slightly glowing layer of skin on top of their normal skin tone; there is no set vampire skin tone. Vampires also possess fangs, glowing eyes, and a small mark on their necks shaped like a 'V'.

A vampire's hunger motive is replaced with thirst and all of their motives are given a purple hue. Thirst works in the same way as hunger, but can only be filled by eating Plasma, the Sim-equivalent of blood. Plasma comes from feeding on Sims, the Plasma Fruit or Plasma packs.[2] In order to feed from a Sim, the vampire must ask permission and generally have good relations with the Sim.[3] A desperate vampire can even go to the hospital or grocery and choose to raid and receive Plasma but should watch out as they might get caught.[4] Vegetarian vampires are limited to the Plasma Fruit, as human Sims are considered meat.[4] To feed from other Sims, the vampire needs to ask permission. A high relationship score helps. Other Sims reply with funny messages.[5] Feeding off of a random Sim or eating a Plasma Fruit at least very nice quality gives the vampire a +15 Moodlet, while feeding off of a Sim who is the vampire's prey or eating a perfect Plasma Fruit gives a +50 Moodlet.

Late night vampire sleeping

A vampire sleeping.

All other Motives function like they do for normal Sims. Vampires receive a +15 moodlet at night, as well as the ability to learn skills at an accelerated rate. Vampires need to sleep, which they would likely do in the day. Unlike vampires in Nightlife, the Late Night vampires do not necessarily sleep in coffins. Vampires can sleep in a specialized Vampire Altar, which costs §2500.[3] There are public altars available for use in the basement of Plasma 501. Vampires can also sleep in normal beds and, when doing so, the letter 'V' will appear instead of the normal 'Z' above their heads. If the bed is of sufficient quality, vampires will also receive the "Slept Like the Dead" moodlet.

Non-vampires are not always accepting of vampires or their activities. All non-vampire Sims without the Brave or Evil traits who are near a vampire they do not know will receive a "Hunted" moodlet[6] that takes away -10 Mood. If a Sim who is both a celebrity and a vampire bites someone in public, the Paparazzi will find out and start a scandal about the bite, and the Vampire Celebrity will get the 'Publicly Disgraced' moodlet. Vampires with the moodlet can go to City Hall and sue to have it removed (which is not always successful), or can pay off the Paparazzi for §3000. Public disgrace can be avoided if the Sim is invited in the Household's home and bites a Sim there discreetly. Vampire celebrities will be publicly disgraced if they WooHoo with a mortal, either in public or on the home lot; Mortal Sims who WooHoo with vampires will become publicly disgraced for "WooHooing with an Occult."

In Bridgeport, vampires are mostly found at The Plasma 501,[7] the vampire bar located in the center of the city. Sims may enter the bar only by bribing their way in, unless they have a celebrity status of at least 2.[4] Vampires can be attracted to other towns by placing a lot with, or changing a lot to the "vampire lounge" lot type.

Becoming a vampireEdit

Vampire bits grim reaper

A Vampire biting the Grim Reaper

Sims can become vampires by befriending with a vampire and then asking them to make them a vampire.[2] If a Sim asks a vampire to bite them before they become friends, the vampire will refuse. The vampire will also refuse if there are more than 3 non-vampire Sims within a room. When a Sim is bitten after the interaction "Ask to Turn" or "Offer to Turn," the Sim will receive the "Unusual Blemish" moodlet. After about 3 days the Sim will be engulfed in a spiraling cloud of red mist and bats, and will become a vampire.[8]

The science lab provides an anti-vampirism potion for §3,000, which can cure a vampire of its condition.[4]

Vampire ChildrenEdit

Unlike vampirism in Nightlife, vampirism in Late Night is genetic, and any children of a vampire (whether their parents are Vampire-Vampire or Sim-Vampire) will eventually have complete vampiric capabilities when they come into age.

These children are vampires from birth, as their image in their parents' relationship levels are glowing red like that of a normal vampire, and cannot be cured by drinking the antidote until they are young adults. As toddlers, they will learn from their educational toys at a very fast rate, and get a small head start in learning Logic and Music (Depending on the level the toddler finished with his/her toy xylophone, as a teenager or older, when he/she plays an instrument, their skill on the instrument will be the same) but learn talking, walking, and potty training at the regular rate. When playing with their teddy bears or Imaginary Friend Dolls, they have the tendency to act like vampires and bite the necks of their toy. As toddlers, they can still drink normal food and take bottles and baby food.

As children, they have the ability to learn skills at a fast pace, but no other signs of vampirism. They can learn and quickly master Logic, Writing, Fishing and Painting. As a child, they cannot master Cooking, Handiness, and Athletic, but they can get a head start, similar to the toddler toys. They also eat normal food, can eat garlic, and can spend days outside. They can eat plasma-packs from the fridge, and plasma fruit at this age as well.

At their teenage state, they have the ability to learn all the skills. While children of vampire heritage turn into vampires, teens with two vampire parents at the time of his/her birth will have a significantly higher learning rate than children of impure vampire ancestry, which has began to go slower compared to the child stage rate. They still appear mortal and have the ability to go out. Teenager rules still apply to them and are not allowed to break curfew at night. Also, they are old enough to use the special vampire bed.

They age at a normal rate until they transition into young adults. Their appearance is that of a young adult vampire, their skin is pale and their eyes glow like that of a full grown vampire.

It is possible for a vampire and a ghost to have children. The child, however, may be a vampire, a ghost, or a mixed breed.

Vampire PowersEdit

Vampire hunting

Vampire Hunting

  • Extended lifespan - Vampires that are young adults or older have a lifespan five times the length of non-vampire Sims. Vampires are not immortal, unlike The Sims 2, though they tend to live longer than normal Sims; if they have mortal children before turning into vampires, the vampire can actually outlive their own children.
  • Enhanced motives [9][clarification needed]
  • Hunt - Gives Sims a thermal aura around them[10] which reveals which Sim has the best plasma.[9] This also gives them a tag in the map view,[6] and an aura around the target's portrait in the Relationships tab. When a Vampire has a target, they will get a wish to drink from that Sim. Drinking from the target not only refills the Thirst bar, but also grants a moodlet which prevents the Thirst bar from decaying until the moodlet expires.
  • Make Sim think of you - Makes a target Sim think of the vampire,[10] which makes them like him/her more.[6] This is greyed out for a certain amount of time after use.
  • Read mind - Reveals a trait of target Sim,[9][10] their career, star sign, relationship status, or favorites.[5] This is also greyed out for a certain amount of time after use.
Vampire chasing a sim

A Sim being chased by a Vampire.

  • Super speed and endurance - Can dash from one point to another in few seconds with little effort.[7] Vampires move at "Speed 5"[5], at this speed a motion blur can be seen around the Vampire.
  • Super strength - While working out, vampires will not get fatigued and can break space rocks with ease but they still have to meet certain skill requirements.
  • Learn skills faster - Vampires can learn skills faster, but only at night. If a Vampire gets the Speedy Learner Lifetime reward, however, it does not make this accelerated skill gain any faster during night time, it only aids during the day. The learning rate increase also varies. Vampires who have just turned may learn almost no faster than a normal Sim, while unknown parameters can cause a vampire to master a skill in as short as under 3 hours; this may occur to a child of 2 vampire parents it seems. The variation does not affect Cooking or Handiness skills. Skill books are not affected by this power and the progress is no faster than a normal Sim, however being tutored in a skill or using a skill item like the guitar or easel will result in accelerated learning.[4]

Vampire WeaknessesEdit

  • Thirst - Instead of hunger.[2] If the Madly Thirsty moodlet ticks down to 0, a haunting chord will play in the background, the vampire will hold their throat and eventually disintegrate into ash. Then the ghost appears black with a red pulsating light where the heart would be, and the Grim Reaper appears normally. The Sim will still be a vampire.
  • Sunlight - Vampires can go out in the sunlight for a certain amount of time before getting the "Heating Up" moodlet, it will last for 3 hours, then the vampire passes out, then it changes to the "Too Much Sun" Moodlet. At this time, the Vampire may not hunt, read the mind or override the emotions of other Sims and the Sim's Thirst will decrease at a faster rate, forcing more plasma consumption until the "Too Much Sun" moodlet wears off or the vampire also has a "Sanguine Snack" moodlet. This moodlet will last two days and the timer will pause every time the vampire is outside during the day. While in the sun, a sizzling sound is heard and the vampire smokes, and the Sim will become tense and swipe and blow their arms ferociously in response to the pain. The "Too Much Sun" moodlet can be removed prematurely by use of the Moodlet Manager or a spa package from a day spa rabbit hole.[4][6]
  • Garlic - It can make the vampire sick.[5] Eating garlic, food made with garlic, or drinks with garlic will give a Vampire the Garlic Breath and nauseous moodlet and will cause them to pass out. It will also cause any vampire who romantically interacts with someone who's just eaten garlic to either get sick or pass out.[2].

Vampires in The Sims 3: SupernaturalEdit

The Sims 3: Supernatural gives vampires several new abilities. Vampires are enhanced with hypnotic abilities and intimidation. They can become immortal and gain immunity to sunlight via a lifetime reward. Alchemy provides new ways to create and cure vampires, as well as temporary protection from sunlight. Vampires have new outfits in the game that look like classic "Count Dracula" style clothing. There are new interactions such hypnotizing a Sim with the Hypnotic Gaze, They also have ways to interact with other vampires. Vampires can become immortal if they purchase the Immortal lifetime reward which prevents them from aging, meaning they cannot die from old age. The reward will grant them sparkles whenever they step into the sunlight, giving them full immunity to the sunlight. The sparkles will last until they go indoors or until night time. The sparkles will give a positive moodlet to appear for however long the vampire is in the sun.

As in Late Night, a vampire's lifespan, like that of a fairy, is five times longer than that of a normal Sim.

Vampires now have a new Lifetime Wish exclusive to them called Turn the Town. They must drink from 20 different Sims and turn 5 Sims into vampires to fulfill this wish.

New Interactions for vampires are:

  • Hypnotic Gaze
  • Intimidate
  • Confess To Being a Vampire
  • Deny Being a Vampire
  • Accuse of Being a Vampire
  • Warn Away
  • Show Off Teeth
  • Talk About the Joys of Plasma
  • Compliment Dental Hygiene
  • Enthuse About Garlic
  • Demonstrate Bite Strength
  • Complain About Vampires
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  • Sims in transition from normal to vampire cannot become pregnant or travel overseas.
  • Drinking from a Sim will not turn them into a vampire; only if they accept "Offer to turn" will it turn them into a vampire.
  • A vampire's favorite food is always 'O-Positive.'
  • Vampires cannot drink Plasma from children, ghosts, mummies, pregnant Sims, SimBots, Aliens, genies, or imaginary friends in their doll form.
  • Aliens, SimBots, Mummies, and Imaginary Friends in either form can not be Vampire hybrids.
  • The vampires bite in different places, on the wrist of a friend and on the neck of a lover.
  • It takes 48 hours to become a vampire.
  • If a Vampire sleeps in the Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings 3 times, it will replace one of the Vampire's traits with the Evil trait.
  • Vampire eyes don't have a standard color, unlike The Sims 2, they are actually illuminated versions of the Sims eyes, for example: a Sim with hazel or light brown eyes may get bright golden yellow eyes if turned into a vampire, whilst Sims with blue eyes will get almost silver-like bright blue eyes. To get red eyes, set your sim in Create a Sim to have red eyes, and turn them.
  • Vampires can see in the dark and won't get the "It's Dark" moodlet.
  • Using the "Cure" interaction of The Moodlet Manager (if successful) on a Sim who has begun the transformation to Vampire will cause that Sim to instantly become a Vampire.[3]
  • Vampires can also bite the Grim Reaper, though it won't turn him into a vampire. In fact, he won't even get the moodlet.
  • Every time a Vampire is in the Sun and gets the Heating Up moodlet, the wish will appear for the vampire to enter in the shade if any unpromised wish slots are open. If a promise slot is left open the player can constantly gain lifetime happiness for that particular wish after each time the moodlet is gained.
  • In The Sims 2: Nightlife, Vampires had no mirror image. In Late Night, Vampires reflect normally in mirrors, though the vampires in The Sims 2: Nightlife are inspired by classic folklore, one of which is a story about vampires not being able to reflect onto mirrors.
  • NPC Vampires can be found in neighborhoods other than Bridgeport. This only happens if Late Night pack is installed. The vampire Sims will generate randomly in each game.
  • Most pre-made Vampires in Bridgeport have black hair with dark red highlights, although there are some exceptions.
  • Adult Vampires run in Vampire Speed when they play tag with children.
  • Most pre-made vampires tend to prefer Black over other colors, this eludes to them having more Goth preferences, though there are some exceptions, like Morrigan Hemlock's favorite color is turquoise. Most also have the Evil trait (with William Fangmann and Wogan Hemlock being two pre-made exceptions) which stereotypes their personality for seduction and deception.
  • Vampire ghosts can turn living Sims into vampires, but no Vampire can turn a ghost into one.
  • Vampires won't get the Creepy Graveyard moodlet when visiting a graveyard.
  • Vampires can sometimes get the Visit Graveyard wish especially at night.
  • Vampires can eat Sim food, but it will not satisfy their Thirst motive.[11] Like Hunger, drinking while the motive is full will give the Vampire the Stuffed moodlet and will gain weight if he/she continues with the moodlet.
  • If a vampire eats normal food made with plasma fruit, such as plasma fruit pancakes, their thirst will fill, but the quality will not affect their view on the food.
  • Vampire can satisfy their thirst with eating at a restaurant.
  • When a vampire has the 'Very Thirsty' moodlet, the countdown is quicker than a normal Sims 'Very Hungry' moodlet, so you must feed them as quickly as possible.
  • Vampires are identified in the game as occults. Therefore in Generations, Vampires cannot redeem coupons for clones or purchase the Clone Voucher lifetime reward without being cured.
  • To make an instant vampire right after they have been bitten, go to Edit Town and split up the household, move the Sim that will be turned into a vampire in another household and switch households to the one you merged them with.
  • Most Bridgeport vampires are enemies with another vampire. However, the only two vampires are enemies with a human and a ghost.
  • Cats and dogs can sense the difference between normal sim and vampire sim. If there any vampire on the lot, they usually will "investigate the strange sim" and there will be a talk bubble on their head showing picture of bats.
  • Vampires can die from thirst instead of starving. Their ghost will be black with a red glow which looks like a heartbeat.
  • Vampires age up 5 times slower than normal Sims (like if a normal Sim ages up in 20 days, a vampire Sim ages up in 100 days). However if the vampire is younger than Young-Adult, they will age up like a normal Sim until they become a Young-Adult.
  • Genies cannot be turned into vampires or drank from, as they lack plasma.
  • A vampire cannot hunt or bite another vampire.
  • If Seasons is installed, Vampires can use a parasol to protect themselves from sunlight.
    • However, even if the weather is raining with the sun hidden behind clouds, a Vampire can still be burned.

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