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The Sims Makin Magic

Vernon's Vault
94 Calamity Vernon
Type: Community
Number of floors: 2
Neighborhood: Magic Town

Vernon, the Pallbearer, came to the swampy side of Calamity Forest when it was nothing more than graveyards. He filled in the especially mucky sections, and up from the earth rose what he described as a "vault of reanimated fun".

Vernon's Vault is one of the default Magic Town lots in The Sims: Makin' Magic. It is situated at 94 Calamity Forest.

Vernon's Vault has a spooky fun-house ride, a mini-golf hole, a couple of checkers tables, and a wishing well. Hungry Sims can visit one of the gumbo stands near the stage.

Sims can have fun watching performances on the stone stage, or earn MagiCoins by performing themselves. Sims who want to spend their MagiCoins can visit Apothecary Todd and Vicki Vampiress.

This lot shares some stuff with A Spooktacular Spot. In both lots, Bonehilda is a janitor, and Vicki Vampiress is also a featured NPC. Even the grass color is the same, since every two lots share the same terrain color in Magic Town.

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