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Vinter family
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Vinter family
'Astrid gives her all to not end up like her mother or sister. Bitter about life and love, they have a negative word to say about everything while Astrid likes her life happy and healthy. With her recent Miss Aurora Skies win and a new relationship with Gunnar Hannes, she has plenty to be happy about. Can Astrid shake off the negativity of the ladies in her life or is she doomed to their misery?'
Name Vinter family
Members Astrid Vinter, Tinna Vinter, Veronika Vinter
Family connections Helgason family
Lot 26 Sulfur Springs Road
Funds §20,000
Difficulty level Difficulty2
Other Information
Game TS3AS Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Aurora Skies
The Vinter family are from the downloadable neighborhood of Aurora Skies. It consists of Tinna Vinter and her two grown-up daughters Astrid and Veronika. Veronika's teenage daughter, Karen Helgason, lives with Veronika's ex-husband Lief Helgason.

The family might be related to Arnard Vinter who is buried in the local graveyard, though this is up to the player as it is not shown on the Vinter's family tree.