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The Von Haunt Estate Overview
Von Haunt Estate
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Von Haunt Estate
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The Von Haunt Estate Overview
Name Von Haunt Estate
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The Von Haunt Estate is a special neighborhood located in Windenburg. Located in the upmost area of Windenburg, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and lying countryside, this mansion is a place for exploring and going out and about.

Windenburg's prized Von Haunt Estate is a historic and enchanted garden property that's been up kept as a famous museum and tourist attraction. Its most notable landmark is the enormous and perfectly pruned maze where Sims can get lost for hours. It's also inhabited by the ghosts of the Estate before its new owners took over.

History Edit

In gameplay, the Manor is full of plaques that tell the player about the history of the Estate:

"The Late Lord Shallot was a troubled artist, who would often burn his paintings. It's said he accidently started the deadly blaze of 1898 by hurling an oversized water colour into the fireplace. Some claim they can still smell the smoke of the inferno, but Management can assure you that the restoration has completely replaced all materials in this room and any lingering, haunting stench is pure imagination."

"Please note the bedrooms are no longer available for overnight stays. Since the regrettable "honeymoon of horror" incident, our insurance firm has instructed us that no living person should sleep in the Von Haunt Estate."

Additionally, two large paintings of what can be assumed is Lord and Lady Shallot are hanging on the wall of the living room and ghosts of similar appearance, highly implied to be them, will linger around the house, revealing their names are Bernard and Mimsy.

Bernard married Mimsy because he was painting not so good paintings, and needed money. It started off as a loveless marriage, but eventually grew into "passionate love affair".