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The voodoo doll appears in The Sims: Livin' Large, as a reward for visiting a hidden lot in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, as Premium Content in The Sims 3 Store,[1] and The Sims 4.

The Sims: Livin' Large Edit

Little Voodoo Dolly
A practitioner-made item, each doll has a personality, is blessed, and is manufactured from authentic African twigs. Long considered a "superstition," the practice of voodoo has re-established itself as an art form and a way of living, all in one. Share the magick of Africa with a friend, won't you? Imported by Greater Benin Globalization Group LTD.
Game The Sims: Livin' Large
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §65
Object type(s) Other
Size 1x1

The voodoo doll was introduced in The Sims: Livin' Large and was available in buy mode. The doll can be used to torment Sims. When used on a Sim, the Sim's comfort and fun motive will drastically decrease. If the victim is in the same room as the Sim using the doll, they may slap them, and relationship will decrease. The doll will not be used autonomously.

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Edit

Mr. Mickles
Mr. Mickles was created in the forest and embedded with the spirit of the earth. He has been taught the wisdom of the elders and the ancient magic of darkness. However, as a doll, he can be nothing more than a vessel of such knowledge until he is picked up. What will you do with Mr. Mickles in your hands?
Game The Sims 2: Bon Voyage
Buyability Limited
Object type(s) Other
Size 1x1

The voodoo doll returned in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage as an object only obtainable while on vacation.

The doll can be used to perform various activities, from useful things such as making friends or falling in love with another Sim, or more annoying things such as making a Sim hotter or colder. The voodoo doll must be in the selected Sim's inventory in order for it to be used. The doll may fail and backfire on the user if used too often, and can be sold in Sim-owned stores, if frequent visits are made to the Witch Doctor for new supplies.

If a Sim wants the doll, they can acquire one from the witch doctor after repairing all of his broken appliances. As with other repairs, success depends on the Sim's mechanical skill. The witch doctor will lie in his hammock after being greeted, forever lying there until all of the appliances are repaired. Upon successful completion, he will give the Sim the doll as a gift. However, he will cancel the interaction if the Sim is still busy and won't accept the doll. This can be inconvenient for a Sim trying to get the doll, as that Sim may need to be idle for a while before the Witch Doctor tries to give the doll again.

Five voodoo dolls may be collected on the souvenir shelf. If that is done, nearby Sims will be cursed into imagining they are being attacked by a bee swarm.

The EffectsEdit

The voodoo doll can perform these actions:

Warm up: If Seasons is installed, the victim's temperature will increase. Otherwise, his/her comfort motive will drop.

Cool down: If Seasons is installed, the victim's temperature will decrease. Otherwise, his/her comfort motive will drop.

Romance: Makes the victim fall in love with the user, and automatically queues up the "Make Out" action.

Friendship: Makes the victim become friends with the user.

Saturate: Drastically reduces the victim's bladder motive.

Stinkify: Drastically reduces the victim's hygiene motive

Shake Up: Reduces the victim's comfort motive, and may cause the victim to throw up.

Agitate: Drastically reduce victim's comfort motive.

The Sims 3Edit

Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll TS3
This Malleable Mimic voodoo doll, generously stuffed with the early spring coat of an organic Spanish moss fed llama, is the cutest and cuddliest way ever devised to harness powerful mystical forces! Reward your friends and family members with blessings and/or subjugate them to various curses and torments, and all with the simple prick of a pin! With the Malleable Mimic in your home, you do the voodoo!
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game 600 SimPoints / §416
Size 1x1

As of January 2012, the Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll is available for purchase from The Sims 3 Store, for 600 SimPoints. In-game, it is available in Buy mode for §416, and can be used by Sims aged teen and older. It can be found in buy mode by clicking Sort by Function -> Entertainment -> Miscellaneous Entertainment, or Sort by Room -> Study -> Hobbies & Skills.

Using the voodoo doll excessively might result in Electrocution or "The Cupid’s Wrath"!

Uses Edit

  • Bind To... and Change Bind To...: used to select which unsuspecting Sim is going to come under the voodoo doll's magic
  • Bless: gives the bound Sim the "Voodoo Blessing" positive moodlet, and makes the Sim’s life even better!
  • Curse: gives the bound Sim the "Voodoo Curse" negative moodlet which makes things a lot worse! If Supernatural is installed, the Sim will also become a zombie
  • Wet Pants: makes the bound Sim's bladder need zero out and gives them the "Embarrassed" negative moodlet
  • Hot Foot: light's the bound Sim's toes ablaze and gives them the "Hot Foot" negative moodlet
  • Pins and Needles: pokes and prods the bound Sim with pins and needles, giving them the "Poked and Prodded" negative moodlet
  • Cupid's Arrow: makes the bound Sim fall head-over-heels for the player's Sim and gives them the "Smitten" positive moodlet


The Sims 4Edit

Madame Zoe's Voodoo Doll
TS4 Voodoo Doll
Game The Sims 4
Buyability Limited
Object type(s) Special

The Voodoo Doll returns in The Sims 4 as an object with a life of its own.

Obtaining a Voodoo DollEdit

To obtain Madame Zoe's Voodoo Doll, a Sim must reach level 3 of the Mischief skill or by getting a treasure map and selecting the action 'Dig For Treasure' . To gain the Mischief skill, Sims can perform various interactions from the social Mischief interaction, such as 'Troll teh Forums', or read a book about the mischief skill.

After the Sim has reached level 3 they can order a Voodoo Doll on the computer. It can also be found at random when 'Dig for Treasure' is selected on rocks, or found while fishing.

Voodoo dolls can also be obtained by winning the contest in the Humor and Hijinks festival in The Sims 4: City Living.

Voodoo ActionsEdit

The amount of interactions that are available on the voodoo doll increase as the Sim builds their Mischief skill.

If an action backfires, the Voodoo Doll will point at the Sim and stare as purple gas is sprayed into the Sim's face, causing them to get a negative moodlet and automatically getting the Uncomfortable or Sad emotion.

Sims can also summon other Sims onto the lot with the doll.

Level 4 Mischief skill
  • Cuddle - Instantly brightens the target's day and makes them Playful
  • Tickle - Causes target to feel strange ghostly fingers, giving them the Uncomfortable emotion.
  • Frolic - Makes the sim Flirty Enables a number of additional conversation items under the Romance menu, such as "Look deeply into eyes", "Make a move", "Tickle mercilessly", "Tease flirtatiously" and "Snuggle". Possibly increases the amount of romantic interest the Sim gains when using romance options.
  • Poke - Electrocutes the victim, giving them the Angry emotion.
Level 5 Mischief skill
  • Soak - Increases the victim's need to use the bathroom
  • Toy with Death - the Grim Reaper will lose the ability to harvest Sim's life. (Note: Toy with Death is only an option when a Sim is dying.)


When attempting to buy the doll off the computer, many users have encountered glitches such as not seeing the option or no 'More...' tab shows up. In this case, the player may try any of the following ways to work around the glitch:

  • Switch the computer out with a new computer, especially if the old one is cheap.
  • Make sure the lot the Sim is on is residential.
  • Restart the computer.

Please note that the players cannot buy the doll on other Sim's lots and only the player's Sim's lot.


  • In The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, the Witch Doctor is immune from the voodoo. The doll will always fail and backfire on the user if used against him. After that, he will laugh at the user and the effects that were on the voodoo will be on the initiating Sim.
  • Madame Zoe's Voodoo Doll could be based on Madame Zoe from MySims, a fortune teller.