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Warlokk's creations.

This page features information on the creations of Warlokk.

Warlokk creationsEdit

Female Bodyshape Variety ProjectEdit

The project allows for a complete mix and match of separate tops and bottoms of clothing. 34B 34" is the Maxis default.

Click the links for an example images of the sizes.

34A 34B 34C nat 34C enh 34D nat 34D enh 34DD nat 34DD enh 36DDD nat 36DDD enh
32" 34A 32" 34B 32" 34C nat 32" 34C enh 32" 34D nat 32" 34D enh 32" -[1] -[1] -[1] -[1]
34" 34A 34" 34B 34" 34C nat 34" 34C enh 34" 34D nat 34" 34D enh 34" 34DD nat 34" 34DD enh 34" 36DDD nat 34" 36DDD enh 34"
36" 34A 36" 34B 36" 34C nat 36" 34C enh 36" 34D nat 36" 34D enh 36" 34DD nat 36" 34DD enh 36" 36DDD nat 36" 36DDD enh 36"
38" 34A 38" 34B 38" 34C nat 38" 34C enh 38" 34D nat 38" 34D enh 38" 34DD nat 38" 34DD enh 38" 36DDD nat 38" 36DDD enh 38"
40" 34A 40" 34B 40" 34C nat 40" 34C enh 40" 34D nat 40" 34D enh 40" 34DD nat 40" 34DD enh 40" 36DDD nat 40" 36DDD enh 40"

Female Hi-Res Bodyshape ProjectEdit

Warlokk also released Hi-Res versions of his old sizes and began making new full-body meshes.

Guest BodyshapesEdit

Warlokk's work inspired other creators to continue and expand on the framework he had created.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 This proportion would be very unrealistic and look weird.

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