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The wasteland is a lot assignment featured in Oasis Landing . This place is a small deserted lot. It is usually a place for scavenging and requirements for opportunity. It is recommended to travel this lot by using the hoverboard or the jetpack. When a Sim is scavenging for a long time, he/she will get the sickness called "Wasteland Pox".

Oasis LandingEdit

Crash SiteEdit

Crash Site
Crash Site
Crash Site in Oasis Landing

The Crash site is one of the default wasteland lots in Oasis Landing. This is the only wasteland that has a Mysterious Door. To get inspect to the Mysterious Door, a player must find the mysterious fragments and after finding them, the fragments will turn into a mysterious key by sending this to Emit Relevart. The Crash site has also a unique plant.

Barren WastelandEdit

Barren Wasteland
Barren Wasteland
Barren Wasteland in Oasis Landing

The Barren wasteland is one of the default wasteland lots in Oasis Landing. This is also a place for catching Nanites.

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