The Sims Makin Magic

Wax'n'Honey Maker
MM beehive
Why go through the trouble of collecting nectar from thousands of flowers, breaking down the complex sugars into simple sugars, and getting the water content just right, when the Wax n' Honey Maker will do all of these for you! Get one today, and say goodbye to the headaches of manual honey-making. Warning: May contain angry bees!
Game The Sims: Makin' Magic
Buyable Buy mode
Price §875
Type Skill, Money, Craft, Magic, Special

The Wax'n'Honey Maker, better known as the beehive, is used to make beeswax and honey for use in charms and spells and can be bought in buy mode. In addition, honey is used to make one type of nectar, and Vicki Vampiress will trade garlic for beeswax. Of course, players can also choose to sell the beeswax or honey. Sims gain cooking skill from harvesting the beehive.

If Hot Date is installed, having the beehive on the lot occasionally summons Claire the Bear to come steal the honey, but she gets chased away by the bees.