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Waylon's Haunt is a seedy dive bar near the city’s port. A preview of The Sims 3: Late Night shows a deteriorated building, similar to a factory, which is near the port, and the woman controlling the computer says "This is a club". That club could possibly be Waylon´s Haunt. On a September 2010 blog post on, it was stated that Waylon's Haunt was one of the teams' favorites. It was also stated that it was a bit grimy, but had many dartboards and neon signs around. This may indicate that it was the venue for the fight scene in the The Sims 3: Late Night trailer. Strangely only one half of the building its self is accessible, there seems to be no way into the other half.

In the game Waylon's Haunt is located in the industrial centre of Bridgeport and it is very rarely a hotspot.

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