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Whipped Dream Cupcake Factory
Whipped Dream Cupcake Factory
Game The Sims 4
Buyable Buy mode
Price §1,200
Type Appliance, Skill
Size 3x3

The Whipped Dream Cupcake Factory is an appliance introduced in The Sims 4, costing §1,200. It is available in three colors: off white, chocolate brown and burnt orange. All the cakes it makes are free, though every once in a while it needs refilling for §20. It also needs cleaning, but this, like any cleaning procedure in The Sims, is free. It raises the Sim's fun need when used.

Cakes Edit

It runs off the cooking skill, and more cupcakes are unlocked the higher the Sim's cooking skill, to a maximum of skill level 8. However, a money-making bonus is unlocked at level 9; Sims can now ‘Sell to Local Bakery’. The cheat Stats.set_skill_level major_HomeCooking 9 can be used to unlock all of the cupcakes and the bonus. Sims can only sell the cupcakes whilst there are still 8 in the stack. More recipes are added if Get to Work is installed with high level Baking skill.

\ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Name Classic Vanilla Minty Mocha Carrot Cake Butterscotchman Strawberry Fizzy Red Velvet Super Chocolate Tummer’s Bomb The Baconing
Rough worth §5 §6 §14 §16 §35 §36 §57 §115