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This is the Onomatology page for the Sims 2 Pets Console Neighborhood.


Newbie: "a newcomer or novice, an inexperienced user of computers in general".

Bob: Short for Robert meaning 'Bright Fame'

Betty: Short for Elizabeth meaning 'My god is oath'

Buddy: Meaning Buddy; as in friend or companion


Hardiman: Possibly meaning 'Hardy Man'

Dan: Hebrew: God is my judge

Kate: Greek: pure

Buster: Meaning literally 'buster'. As in someone busting in or busting something or someone


Oakley: Referring to the Oak tree or being Oaky

Buck: The name "Buck" is a pun on bucks as in dollars


Townsend: Stating to sending a town

William: Spanish meaning: Resolute, Protector

Teutonic meaning: Valiant Protector

Linda: Spanish meaning: Beautiful

English meaning: Beautiful

Greek meaning: Honey

Henrietta: German meaning: House ruler

Also a female variation of Henry

Fauntleroy: From old French; a member of a royal prince’s household


May: The fifth month of a year.

Marsha: Latin meaning: Martial, warlike, brave

Verian: A term of Vera; True and faith

Penelope: Greek meaning: Bobbin-Weaver

Mira: Mira has a lot of meanings

Gaelic: Merry, filled with mirth

Hebrew: Light

Latin: Wonder

Spanish: Behold

Hebrew: Bitter

Latin: Extraordinary; to be admired; beautiful

Disclaimer Edit

Meanings from nameLab

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