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Not to be confused with Witch.
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The Wizard or Sorceress is a hero character in The Sims Medieval. The wizard/sorceress can learn and cast magic spells and study new ones as part of their daily occupation. A wizard/sorceress also needs to gather plants and herbs to create potions to fulfil their professional responsibilities. Wizards/Sorceresses have a crafting station in their tower which contains a magical tome from which they study their spells, a station to brew their potions, and a Crystal Ball through which they can scry. The wizard/sorceress can be male or female and is an ally of the Kingdom as opposed to the Witch, who is the villain of a certain quest. As shown in The Sims Medieval Townhall Event, a wizard/sorceress is powerful enough to kill a Monarch with a spell.

Instead of sleeping, wizards/sorceresses can Meditate, so their energy is refilled. This can be done anywhere, not necessarily in the Wizard's Tower. They tend to Meditate in random places when left to their own devices.


Spells can be learned through the correct alignment of runes and can be cast on other Sims. Most spells can be learned after gaining enough experience, however there are easter eggs spells in the game. The caster may cast any of the following:

  • Growth—This spell will cause any plant to grow to a harvestable stage, even if it has already been harvested, and mineral deposits will be replenished. Growth can only be cast on the ground. It is similar to a spell that unicorns can cast in The Sims 3 Pets, or one that fairies can cast in The Sims 3: Supernatural, called "Bloom".
  • Beacon of Hope—Beacon of Hope gives the target a +40 buff for 24 hours and clears all daily responsibilities. (Rune req. Light, Energy, Chaos)
  • Flare —The Flare spell targets the casting Sim only. It will dazzle all Sims around with a positive buff, Dazzled, which lasts five hours and gives +15 focus. (Rune req. Energy, Fire, Light)
  • Magic Arrow -- Magic Arrow will cause any Sim to have a minor injury. This spell can only be casted on other Sims.
  • Spirit Thief—The Spirit Thief spell can only be casted on other Sims and it will give them a negative buff, while supplying the caster with a Soul Fragement.
  • Curse—The caster of this spell can give other Sims the "Cursed" buff.
  • Mend—This spell will immediatelly heal any Sim from every disease or injury, which is ideal if there is no Physician or the Kingdom has low Well-Being. Note: Wizards and Sorceresses can be found to cast this spell on themselves and others sometimes, even if they aren't sick or injured.They also tend to cast this spell continuously, on themselves and others, when idle, this drains their energy quickly.
  • Miasma -- Miasma will cause any Sim other than the caster to fall ill with the Plague, which can also kill them.
  • Sleep—This spell will make any Sim pass out.
  • Terror -- Terror will give the Sim casted on a negative buff.
  • Inferno—The caster of this spell will be able to burn a Sim (not to Death) and give them the Singed buff.
  • Telepathy—This spell will give the caster or any other Sim casted on a positive buff.
  • Teleport -- Teleport will simply make the caster teleport to the place of their choice. This is similar to Magivestigium, the spell Witches in The Sims 2: Apartment Life use.
  • Vanish -- A spell used during a quest. Same use as Teleport. (Rune req. Air, Light, Force)

Progression Edit

  • Initially the hero's title is Adept.
  • At level 5 the hero's title is Magus
  • At level 10 the hero's title is Sorcerer for male and Sorceress for female.

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