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Woodland Park
Woodland Park
Type: Community
Value: §59,746
Size: 50x60
Neighborhood: Pleasantview

Take your families on a stroll in the park and meet the neighbors!

Woodland Park is a community lot found in Pleasantview from The Sims 2. The main attraction is a large pond in the center of the park, which is circled by a walking path. If Seasons is installed, most of the pond's banks will be too steep to allow Sims to fish. When looking at the park from the street, the left rear is a picnic area with a barbecue grill.

The area near the street has (from left to right) a small building with toilets, a small paved area with two chess tables, an entry area with flowers and a tree, and a gazebo. There is a swing set near the gazebo.

This area is located in a woodsy area of Pleasantview.

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