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Workbenches allow Sims to craft items which they may be able to sell or use. The original workbench was the KraftMatic Woodworking Table from The Sims: Livin' Large.

Workbenches were reintroduced in The Sims 2 in Open for Business and FreeTime, where they build badge skill as a Sim creates objects while using them. They allow a Sim to either make a single item, which is usually left on the bench after being finished, or many items, which will be placed in the Sim's inventory. When a Sim starts to craft items on a workbench, a dialog will appear with a default name and description, as well as an "Accept" and "Cancel" button. The player is able to edit the name, and may be able to edit the description. Items made on workbenches can be marked for sale a Sim-owned business. When they are, their "wholesale price" is considered to be the price they can be sold for after being finished, not the amount paid to make them. If a workbench is in a Sim-owned business, a employee can be assigned to make items on it; these items will appear in the owner's inventory.

A workbench also appears in The Sims 3 when Ambitions is installed. It is used to 'invent' objects, while also improving a Sim's Handiness and Inventing skills.

The SimsEdit

The Sims: Livin' Large introduced the KraftMatic Woodworking Table, which could be used to make gnomes. This workbench reappeared in The Sims: Makin' Magic, where it was accompanied by the Craft-A-Gargoyle workbench. Both of these items build a Sim's Mechanical skill.

The Sims 2: Open for Business Edit

"That Smells Great!" Floral Workstation Edit

Associated skill: Creativity

Associated Badge: Flower Arranging

Cost: §1000

  • No Badge: Bouquet of Daisies (Decorative Item)
  • Bronze Badge: Wildflower Bouquet, Tulip Bouquet (Decorative items)
  • Silver Badge: Rose Bouquet, Mixed Flower Bouquet (Decorative items)
  • Gold Badge: Snapdragon Bouquet (Raises motives when successfully made)

Success or failure in flower arranging depends most on the aspiration of the Sim doing the flower arranging. A Sim in platinum almost never creates "Evil" snapdragons, while a Sim in deep red aspiration can create them up to a third of the time.

If FreeTime is installed, crafting at this workbench builds enthusiasm for the Arts and Crafts hobby.

"Non-Deadly" Robot Crafting StationEdit

Associated skill: Mechanical

Associated Badge: Robotics

Cost: §2000

  • No Badge: Toy Robot (Raises Fun)
  • Bronze Badge: Cleanbot (cleans messes on the floor); Hydrobot (puts out fires; waters flowers)
  • Silver Badge: Sentrybot (zaps intruders); Munchiebot (fetches food)
  • Gold Badge: Create a Servo (robotic Sim)

Sims with lower Mechanical skill are more likely to create robots that start out non-functional. These can be repaired (place them on the floor to see the option) to restore their full value and make them operational.

If FreeTime is installed, crafting at this workbench builds enthusiasm for the Tinkering hobby.

Crazy Fun Toybench Edit

Associated skill: Creativity

Associated Badge: Toy Making

Cost: §1500

  • No Badge: Sir Bricks-A-Lot
  • Bronze Badge: Little Heroes Fire Truck and Clown-in-a-Box
  • Silver Badge: Brinks Kite and Twirl, Spin, and Wobble!
  • Gold badge: Wet 'n' Wild Water Wiggler

Failed toymaking attempts may end up creating "evil" versions of the Clown-in-a-Box, Brinks' Kite, and Water Wiggler.

If FreeTime is installed, crafting at this workbench builds enthusiasm for the Arts and Crafts hobby.

The Sims 2: FreeTime Edit

Upright Pottery Wheel Edit

Associated Skill: Creativity

Associated Badge: Pottery
This also raises enthusiasm for the Arts and Crafts hobby.

Cost: §1000

  • No Badge: Plates
  • Bronze Badge: Vases and Tea Sets (raises the environment motive better in the kitchen)
  • Silver Badge: Pitchers and Pots (raises the environment motive up to two rooms away)
  • Gold badge: Amphora (best sculpture for raising the environment motive in the whole area)

Mechanical Stitching Machine Edit

Associated Skill: Creativity

Associated Badge: Sewing
This also raises enthusiasm for the Arts and Crafts hobby.

Cost: §1250

  • No Badge: Pot Holders
  • Bronze Badge: Teddy Bears and Curtains
  • Silver Badge: Quilts and 'an outfit', i.e. any one-piece outfit that can be bought, including custom content, but excluding Outerwear.
  • Gold badge: Nifty Custom Outfit

Unlike other workbenches, Sims sit while using the Mechanical Stitching Machine, and will be unable to use it unless a chair is placed in front of it. Also, the Mechanical Stitching Machine always places its products in the Sim's inventory, even if the Sim is only making a single item.

The Sims 3: AmbitionsEdit

Scraptronic™ WorkbenchEdit

Skills Improved by Using the Object: Handiness, Inventing
Sims Workbench

A Scraptronic™ Workbench found in The Sims 3 Ambitions

Cost: §1,250

Description: They don't build workbenches like they used to but Scraptronic's patented automatic scrap refill system makes this inventor's workbench almost as good as Grandpa's old garage table. A broad and sturdy table provides plenty of room for creations of any size and the tackboard will hold all your tools, greasers, nuts and bolts.