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The Sims Vacation

Wren's Fens National Park
45 Lagoon Wren
Type: Community
Number of floors: 1
Neighborhood: Vacation Island

Established by Admiral Landgrabb as his first colonial acquisition, this little corner of paradise has remained virtually untouched... until today.

Wren's Fens National Park is a lot from The Sims: Vacation. It is situated at 45 Lagoon Moon Road.

This forest lot is truly a bare-bones lot. It has a single tent, a couple of porta-potties, a sink, two camp chairs, a picnic table, a grill, a fire pit, and a rental shack. There are no showers or changing facilities. If Sims plan to go this lot from other areas of Vacation Island, they should change first, if they can.

If Unleashed is installed, there should be one or two food bowls and a doghouse. There are no litter pans or beds that cats can use, nor are there any pet fun items. There should also be a small building which sells seeds and pet iguanas.

In the lot's description, it's mentioned that the famous Admiral Landgraab from most of The Sims games, has established this lot as his first colonial acquisition.

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