During the start of The Urbz: Sims in the City (handheld) you get a questionnaire which affects your Xizzles and Rep group you start in, and depending on your gender you get different ones.You also get extra Xizzles to buy in Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle Factory Mission. You must get beads from either befriending people or finding them to get the Xizzles

The Questionaire (DS version)Edit


  • Male - Skater Dude - When on Gravboard speed increases by 10%
  • Female - Sale Siren - Get 20% off all store items

Question:1 What is the meaning of life?

  • Having the toughest rep - Quick as a flash - Run 10% quicker - Streeties
  • Mad l33t computer skillz - Off the grid - Your bills are 75% cheaper - Nerdies
  • Fat sacks of cash money - Genial Behavior - Reduce chance of passing out due to low energy by 75% - Richies
  • Busting sweet rhymes - Night Owl - Energy decays 50% slower at night - Artsies

Question:2 Your perfect crib has...

  • A fully stocked fridge - Eager Eager Hippo - Hunger Decays 30% slower
  • A racercar shaped bed - Inzombiac - Energy Decays 30% slower
  • A barbed wire fence - Nemesis - Everyone gets +6 friendship, but one sim gets -100

Question:3 You won $10,000 in a breakdance competition. How do you spend it?

  • Buy a swimming pool - Little Piddly Diddle - Bladder Decays 30% slower
  • Buy up a sweet new cologne - Sweet Smell - Hygiene Decays 30% slower
  • Buy some fancy bling - Sell out - You get 10,000 Simoleons

Question:4 It's Friday Night! What do you and your crew do for fun?

  • Just chill- Play it off - Comfort Decays 30% slower
  • Shoot some hoops - Mantis Rapture - Fun Decays 30% slower
  • Hit the skate park - All up on's - Every social interaction with someone of opposite gender gets reaction up by one so -1 will now be 0

Question:5 Your new song hit the top of the charts! What's it called?

  • Keepin' it on the D-L - G'D Up - Friendship decays slower
  • City Grammar - Jibba Jabba - A new social interaction that is good with most people
  • Sharp as ice - Nerd Level 5 - All your skills go up by one

Question:6 True or false: Money is everything!

  • Nah. "Love" is where it's at - Chillin' Like a Villain - All motives decay 10% slower
  • Gimme the cash! - Livin' Large - You get 20% more from Mini-Games